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Dufour 520 Grand Large
Boat: Sailing yacht
Year: 2018
Country: CROATIA
Base: Rogoznica
Marina Frapa

Length: 12.25 m
Berths: 12 (10+2)
Cabins: 5
WC / Shower: 3
- 20%
5.375,00 EUR
4.300,00 EUR
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  • „One of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of our holiday...“
    Tracey Lindstorm Australia
  • “Sailing holiday was a once in a lifetime experience! We chose this trip for our honeymoon! Sailing was the perfect way to travel around so many islands and it was wonderfully private, yet social at the same time”
    Felicia Hersh USA
  • “One of the best vacations...”
    Andree Boissonneault Canada
  • „We loved our sailing trip. It far exceeded our expectations.“
    Kelly Smith Canada
  • “Would definitely do it again!”
    Kalle Bergman Sweden
  • “An experience of exploring aneloquent collection of islands, each with its unique charm, culture and food. Pure and calm seas and gulfs around them.”
    Dimitar Spasov Bulgaria
  • „Beautiful sea, amazing food, wonderful places to visit and great wind!”
    Luis Hilgert Peru
  • „There is nothing like exploring beautiful places while sailing. It feels like coming home from day one! “
    Manuel Geitz Germany
  • „Absolutely stunning experience! The places were untouched, very clean, and still natural. I would go back in a heartbeat.“
    Erin Coull USA
  • “It was a fantastic experience from start to finish… Our skipper Anđelo managed to get the balance between "buddy" and "professional" perfectly, so it felt like we were sailing with friends all the time, and we never doubted his skill when it was required…”
    Alex Bogdanovsky Great Britain
  • „Priceless...“
    Tea Duplancic Croatia
  • „My favorite experience was anchoring under the stars and falling asleep watching them on our catamaran's net... cannot wait to do it again...“
    Shelley Nielsen USA
  • „I took over 1000 pictures and felt like I still managed to miss so much...“
    Tony Pontes Canada
  • „This is almost impossible to describe... It was the overall experience: Sailing from island to island, and experiencing the beautiful coastline, and the blue waters. Going from small fishing towns to historical cities, eating all the great food, swimming in clear waters, sailing with the wind......“
    Andy Krsic Canada
  • „I would not change a thing...My sailing holiday was what I hoped it would be and much more. Every minute was the best times I\’ve ever had.“
    Queenie Mak Hong Kong
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